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Jane Bagnall

Account Director

Jane recently joined Sepia with ten years’ experience in telling the stories of innovative, emerging and often disruptive brands; predominantly in the consumer tech, eCommerce and FMCG space.

Having spent the past seven years running in-house teams at scaling start-ups - most recently as Head of EU Comms at Deliveroo - Jane's background is a comprehensive mix of consumer, corporate and crisis communications built across a range of EU markets.

Jane’s lifelong rule of always saying yes to the things that scare her most have seen her abseil the towers of Battersea Power Station, skydive with the Red Devils and climb a 100ft tall ship mast while sailing from Malta to Greece. She balances these extreme moments with quieter interests – cooking for friends and family, taking long walks or immersing herself in a book.

Follow Jane on @janesarahb